Frontier Foundation (Blood Transfusion Services) is a non- profit charitable & welfare organization established in the year 2003 and registered under the social welfare society & control ordinance of 1961 with social welfare department KP and HCC.

Frontier Foundation is providing free of charge Blood/components transfusion services to more than 3000 patients of Thalassemia, Hemophilia and Blood cancer at Peshawar Kohat and Swat branches.

Executive Summary

Frontier Foundation was established for the provision of Blood Transfusion services to the patients primarily children who are suffering from fatal hereditary blood disorders namely Thalassemia & Hemophilia. Patients Suffering from other blood disorders like Anemia and Blood Cancer are also being served.

FF provides services to the disadvantaged children and patients free of cost with out discrimination of race, color, religion and ethnic orientation.

FF perform welfare activities through three branches which are located in Kohat, Swat and Peshawar. More than 3000 Thalassemia and Hemophilia patients are registered in these three centers.

Besides providing blood FF has the facility to provide blood products like RBC concentrates, FFP (Plasma) & Platelets.