Chairman Message

Chairman Message2019-04-29T09:25:26+00:00

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to visualize that Frontier Foundation has been devoting its energies and resources for mitigating the sufferings of thalassemic families and Creating awareness about this fatal disease of children. Due to its immense adverse impact upon socioeconomic conditions of the nation it is imperatively needed to commence a war on all fronts against Thalassemia. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see that Frontier Foundation has successfully been endeavoring hard to let the people know how this genetic disease can be prevented and treated.

Factually speaking we are obliged to hundreds of our sympathizers, supporters, philanthropists, humanitarian and social workers whose constant help enabled Frontier Foundation to accomplish some of its objectives. A lot is yet to be achieved which includes establishment of state of the art Thalassemia hospital with all the facilities available under one roof and motivating people for undertaking thalassemia test before marriage. All these tasks involve financial backup by philanthropists, sympathizers and supporters.

I along with all our staff members and supporters am determined to strive hard to root out Thalassemia from our society. The efforts of our management, and donors of Frontier Foundation are commendable.

May Allah bestow strength upon us to keep up the pace of their service to humanity.

Sahibzada Muhammad Haleem | Chairman Frontier Foundation